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Loose Fill Rubber

SYNTEC offers two choices in the area of Weight Room Flooring.  

We have rolled goods, which gives a virtually seamless appearance, or tiles.  Either product is an ideal choice for your facility.  SYNTEC's Rolls and Tiles come in 50 standard colors.  This superior shock and sound absorbent flooring is Earth-friendly, made from the highest quality recycled rubber and colorful EPDM granules.  

In addition, SYNTEC’s custom color and logo capabilities ensure limitless design options.

•    Most color choices in the industry

•    Can contribute toward earning up to 8 LEED points

•    Sound and shock absorbent

•    Easy maintenance

•    Slip resistant, wet or dry

•    Seamless appearance (rolls)

•    Extremely durable

•    Custom colors and logos

•    Low life cycle costs

•    Made in the U.S.A

SYNTEC can provide and install Synthetic Sports Flooring for aerobics, climbing walls, gymnasiums, jogging tracks and walk ways.

Is a 100% recycled rubber product.  

This product is placed on the playground in accordance with the fall height that needs to be meet.  If a customer needs to meet a 6' fall height on one piece of equipment and there are others that require a lesser fall criteria, then the overall depth of loose fill rubber must be placed to accommodate the highest fall height criteria. 

Splash Pad/Pool Decking

Weight Room Flooring

Aqua Turf is an insitu, slip resistant polyurethane rubber bond system.  

Our surface is formulated from blending premium rubber granules and high quality polyurethane binder.  The finished product is troweled in place, providing a durable but yet safe product for your site.  With added design work incorporated, it will make your surface that much more colorful and alive!Warranty: Aqua Turf is warranted for two years against defect in materials and workmanship.  The warranty does not apply when improper construction and/or design is done by someone other than Syntec, or the use of inappropriate sub-base materials, vandalism, abuse or neglect, lack of maintenance or acts of God. 

Other Surfaces