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Magic carpet (a non-infill) provides the customer with two turf systems to choose from. Magic Carpet "Supreme" and "Elite".

Magic Carpet Supreme offers:

1 1/8" Pile Height, 3/8" Tufting Gauge, 69 Oz face weight. Colors: Field Green, Field Green/Olive and Field Green/Lime. Proprietary PE formulation for superior wear resistance.

Magic Carpet Elite offers:

1 3/4" Pile Height, 3/8" Tufting Gauge, 90 Oz face weight. Color: Field Green Proprietary PE formulation for superior wear.

Both the Supreme and the Elite comes in 15' roll widths, the systems are porous with standard drainage perforations and 20 Oz polyurethane secondary coating on the backing, (26 Oz urethane coating is available as an option on production runs meeting the manufacturers minimum requirements. 26 Oz urethane coating is necessary for material manufactured for competitive field applications. This would be an up charge on the cost of the product). The PE (polyethylene) fiber is a nonabrasive fiber. Both systems are Eligible for LEED credits and state grants.

SYNTEC offers two underlayment options:

Rubberized Base Mat: The elastic base mat is made of 100% post-consumer recycled SBR and polyurethane. This system is mixed and installed on site.

Foam Base Mat: 2" thick, manufactured foam tiles, size 42"x4' each.

Either of these two underlayment systems can be used when a critical fall height has to be met. Otherwise both turf products can be installed on; asphalt, concrete or a compacted stone base.

SYNTEC can install any type of synthetic turf that you may be looking for. But within our standard product line we offer the above two synthetic turf systems.